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ep pvp vs china

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idk why the lighting part fcked up it take like 20 secs to disappear it supposed to take 2 secs.. was to lazy to fix it

however this is pvp video by ep (not full support build ) against asians for the funs

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idk what to say master,  the music was ... meh :/ , gameplay,  oh my god so damn boring to play support ep :/ notging else to say

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Great music, good job Ahedita but that purple heal made me cry.  :'(

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Nice video ahed totally love it and the music is awesome  :monkey-42: share the song.
Lucy my lovely wifu! <3

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King intro, king music, king video. Toots any marry?  :-[
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I like the music. Quite enjoyable, keep it up:P

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Ahed you are next generation of EP brother.
never replace your guild with randoms

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Ahed you are next generation of EP brother.

Ahead ep academy brah

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Its some remix of this song:

Btw I love you for using LIGHTS' music.

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Good video my student, you still need lessons from best EP Defloration  :normal-42:

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