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[6:55:05 PM] Pedja: just copy this:
Sorry for intro, font got fcked up so yeah
Anyways wanted to ty all for playing with us, was fun, i wont log as much as i used to, once again ty XP

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Was touching intro I almost cry.  :normal-12:
Then see Pedja typo'd last sentence. Oh my god you are so bad Pedja

Nice video and thanks to everyone for the fun TWs and PK. Good luck with whatever you do in life.
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If you want to make a guild Collaboration vid, make it less than 10 minutes at list. OR you can get scholarship to Sab's Recording Academy, free for you cause friend. Good video though  :normal-24:

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i got emotional the vid was alpha


Best video I saw in a while

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I wish you had chosen a better pk vid or atleast a better part of the pk vid, not some random chasings, but still good. Enjoyed it. Looking forward for the next pk vids in the summer if the server will live by then : )

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I shed a tear :normal-12:
great video, will miss you and your let's call it weirdness  :normal-1:

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[15:20:17] Pedja: http://epicpw.com/media/epw-farewell/ yea
[15:20:19] Pedja: haha yeah

lol sir, i bet you were trying to get everyone crying. Nice video  :normal-4:


I shed a tear :normal-12:
great video, will miss you and your let's call it weirdness  :normal-1:
:normal-13: :normal-13: :normal-13: I will miss all Skype/rc calls  :normal-14:


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Good video, madam. I don't really hate english when you talk.  :'(