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Tried to pk today...
First song is dedicated to my Russian fans Sushi/Soochi, Billy the greek and Hacktivist Jen.  :police:


Nice video, good music imo.  I laughed when Shindola actually tried to kill you

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SgggVid SggggPlayer :sad:

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Hiero through wing rise, lol noob
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Very impressive tanking against chinese EAs damm ...Nice video Kermit!
never replace your guild with randoms

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u shall be next cata barb for tw kemod
Behold the great and fair officers of tyrants
5-0 confirmed, Apollumi the greatest guild made world record destroyed Tyrants in 8 mins in TW

Apollumi only EU guild to ever destroy Conflate, most individualy skilled guild 1 apollumi god can destroy 2-3 Conflate/Tyrants/Any other guild noobs with ease. Kings of DT and Mass PK.

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Are you secretly Tigas?

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1st song was weird as fck....

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Ikr Bre , kermit u could have choose better music than the first one , it was kinda annoying <.<'' , nice video as always o/

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Gz for stepping out of numbers over fun (or: "we dominated 3 servers") closet. You are actually playing in this video.