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Instead of having to click 12 times to upgrade an item to +12, there should be a new NPC that can do this with 1 click instead of 12. It'd be a lot more convenient.


-1. Mainly because ITS SUPPOSED to take time to get all your gear r2g

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These suggestions....does anyone have a gun or rope.....

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This suggestion is technically impossible to implement.

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It's one of the only few things EPW players do to upgrade their stuff.
ALMOST everything is handed out to us.
And you want this?

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 :shocked:  :shocked:  :shocked:  :shocked:

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Hello, you should visit this site.


Your welcome.

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Hello, you should visit this site.


Your welcome.

Do they come with life time warranty...?


Are people really that lazy..


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bleh, don't see why people are trolling/hating on the suggestion. This suggestion would only shave 1-2 minutes off your time, and it's not game breaking or anything in anyway and it's not that lazy of a thing either.

It's not like he's asking for insta level 150. What he's asking for is what we already have but just slightly more convenient way. This is no different than when people asked to add more convenient way to turn in all those wraith officers badges in a larger bundle to get all those reps faster. Which used to take ages handing in 100 of those at a time, until someone suggested to add a more convenient way.

Anyways, it was just a simple suggestion and Aga. said it's impossible so lets leave it at that.

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This suggestion is technically impossible to implement.

I'll just lock and leave it at this.
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