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Artifex vs Xpendables @Toa 20-08-2014

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Posting for a friend , trash talk comments will be removed :)

The pk lasted arround 90 mins , and included a bit more then just Artifex and Xpendables, as you can notice by the usual backstabbing , was fun PK tho. Ty all
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never replace your guild with randoms

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6:15, no blazing arrow, noob
Nice video , 1st song is op :D
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i was there i give cody wb buff 1 time cuz im good i carry that pk with obama cares :( why pedro never say ty noki :(

good video cody

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I almost enjoyed this pk  :normal-5:
The backstabbing doe :'(

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If this was more challenging I may have logged on

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Nice video Cody <3 , btw YOU DON'T DO BASE QUEST , looks his arrows :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD xD  ;D


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Gym Leader Cody, good stuff.   :normal-42:

^One of my ladies ;)
~EPW life is officially over, getting married in RL soon ! thank you for some great memories friends~

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I almost enjoyed this pk  :normal-5:
The backstabbing doe :'(
Ikr, goodgame were going hard.  :normal-12:

Nice video Cody, OP ea pt.

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příští zastávka Krematorium


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I almost enjoyed this pk  :normal-5:
The backstabbing doe :'(

Thanks for zero heals  :sad:

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Thanks for zero heals  :sad:
I'll start healing once i'll get the buff/heal counter up and working :normal-4: