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Speed Up, Grab the Hill

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Originally it's 20 minutes long and i had to go afk some times so i cut it down to 7 minutes.

Don't comment if you're going to start trashtalking/thread wars.

will take a while for it to get 1080p

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watch for info:

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I told you not to post it.  :normal-5:

Nice video nonetheless, gf goodgame.

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I told you not to post it.  :normal-5:

Nice video nonetheless, gf goodgame.


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LOOOOOOL the song at the end, Ron staaahp  :normal-2:
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I like the music, the pk was nice, u need to work on more surviving tho
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Good video  ^-^ i like tat music
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Team Conchita was there to carry.

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