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Go ban the GM :D

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So saw today that Alexypk is using a special stone in the GM wep ;)
Baaaaad Alexy, Armor Crush is forbidden xD

So and what to do? Of course, pm another GM :D
Well lets see if the ban will go or not xD

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♥ Love and will miss you guys ♥
Resigned to start playing real life c:

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Alexy use hack again. :c
Bad gn.
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I don't even know what that stone does but I'm afraid to find out since it's in Alexy's GM Sword :tiger-41:
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lol bad gn : ban him and give me that sword :normal-2:

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lol bad gn : ban him and give me that sword :normal-2:
Why to you? And not to me.  :tiger-5:

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Oh, and the fact that has +9999% on all stats anyway doesn't bother you?  :D The stone is what will make the difference in case he'll decide to kill you! ;D

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Alexy bad gn, always get banned.

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Wow, GM so bad he need haxor Weapon stones!  :normal-10: :normal-11:

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