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*Fashion event* Looks like a star

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It was really hard to choose, but here it came time to announce our winners:

Fifth place: Govheg with Lady Gaga

Fourth place: Tori13 with Mr.Bean

Third place: Evanescence with Amy Lee

Second place: MooMooHero with  Sunny Lee

First place: LeakyKitty with Nicki Minaj

Congratulations for all who have won. And thanks all for attending.

Rewards will be send by mail.

Unlocking topic if people would like to add comments.

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I take bribes. Cash or Credit 8) haha jk xD lovely idea. Should see some of the more creative sides to everyones model characters with this one :) Looking forward to seeing everyone's work :D


This is my star look. Hope everyone likes. Gave it my best ^^

My Char Leann made to look like Megan Fox (below)

Megan Fox


Here's mine  :P hope you like it  :D

Angelina Jolie / Tomb Raider

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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta / Lady Gaga


Aye i picked Nicki Minaj as zee Celebrity. Do keep in mind..i truely tried my best. Hope you guys like it.
Reference picture  :

Face shot of my char :

Full body shot (Duh she does have a huge butt xD ) :

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I was bored, so I decided to do something.

Amy Lee

In my field of paper flowers and candy clouds of lullaby, I lie inside myself for hours and watch my purple sky fly over me!


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Who can say that a barbarian can't look like a stars:))
This is me:) (Wolfgang)

This is Mason (from Vampire Diaries)

This is Jacob (from Twilight)

So do I look like a STAR? :)

P.S. I look like Jacob when i get mad :( but I was very calm when took the photo :(
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Wolfgang - 150 Barb
RazviArch - 150 Arch
HolyGod - 150 Wiz
Few others xD

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Sooo...I did Mr.Bean XD <3 :D

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theres mine

mine is a bit bigger sorry for that :P
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Here's mine~! Its Sunny Lee from Girls Generation! (k-pop idol lol)

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Hey when will you announce the winners because is already 19 August :(

Wolfgang - 150 Barb
RazviArch - 150 Arch
HolyGod - 150 Wiz
Few others xD