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EPW Last day of our alliance

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Posting for Pedja,enjoy all

PS. Good intro bro ;)

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Nice videoooooooooooo. c:

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nice video but i did not understand the title o.o

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this looked not very difficult but my team managed to handle without my help
PS: i have 50 attack level extra irl because im gym boy

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i was at the pool with my amigos 360chillin and i missed this :(( good video doe  :police:

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Best Ally Ever A and Xp  ty for the fun pk Xpend was nice being one

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Nice video, king intro  :police: Too bad I missed this pk. I bet it was easy


Salute to great soldiers of PW >Alamat< was really fun.  :normal-48: :normal-13:

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Good video, missed pk again :sad:

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Enjoyed it. Nice music too. c: