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Xpend vs Arti - Dragon temple pk

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Hello guise. I am back again with another proof of my amazing EA skills and unmatched gameplay '-'

Dc'd during half time, so my position got screwed, making my pt die , sadly.
Enjoy  ;)
P.S. : Sorry for 0 effects, forgot to turn them on  :normal-9:
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so boring to watch 0 animationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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gear only player hehe '-'
Nice video good gameplay
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Nice video good gameplay


Good music, gameplay even better. Good job, had fun. Keep them coming.

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i like the music kiddo....
i wish my ep was in your side  O:-) :-*

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liked the music
vid was boring cuz 0 effects, noob.

gf  :police:

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Nice vid geodude marry me now geo, sorry shortie...joke :normal-2:

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nice kiddo  :smiley:
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badpc bro need max graphics for good video
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i dropped like insect xdddd

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[05:17:02] Aisling: oh my god Teru i'm am bow DOWN to you + all your future offspring that carry the genes of MASTER and LEGEND within them. as you spread your superior sperm to impregnante the mothers of your enemies I will stand back in awe at your utter perfection and sob when the realization hits that I will never be more than a speck of dust in your presence