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cant play anymore

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hi...i wanted to play and there was a new update so i did it....my mistake, because now the game is shuttin down after i selected a character. its version 88 now....so if u get asked, dont update it.
but what shall i do now?

nice greetings


Um you sorta need to update to play the game... I dunno what to say

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Please verify the files in patcher. Does the problem persist in the character selection screen or after you choose the toon and the game world is supposed to load? And does it occur for only one character or any? 

If verification doesn't help, please check issue #2 from there : http://epicpw.com/support/known-issues-and-fixes/

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well it was after i choosed every toon....the world isnt loading and i got a bugreport....im doin the whole game installin again....i hope thatll fix it