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Exalt is a pvp faction that also does pve from time to time. come join and find your war buddy!150 pkers. 145+ Venos/Clerics/Barbs! Come Join The psychotic Fun- Check us out at www.epwexalt.shivtr.com

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good luck with your guild

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Good luck with your guild


Exalt is a pvp faction

no. good joke though.

either way, good luck and if you're actually serious, just give up cuz its not gonna happen.

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I give it 2 days, nay, two hours.


Lol gl i guess, but dont consider yourself a pk faction till you actually show up in real pk or something

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Good luck on your guild, I've seen a few of you around I think? c:
Your site needs a little work, can barely read from all those colors.

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  • I just dont give a fuck what u think xD
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lol show up to real pk? we have and we won a lot xD this faction has been alive for more then 2 weeks now so say what u want, haters gonna hate i guess xD thankyou to all the positive people

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best wishes with your faction :)

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Best of luck with your faction  :normal-4: