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Xpendable vs Artifex - I'm on a roll

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Another footage of my amazing and unmatched skills '-' affs
Also, during last half of pk my FPS became 5 and my ping red, causing the delay in the video.
Enjoy ;)

P.S. : I was muted the whole pk so i had to use the chatroom, also unable to give commands to my squad  :normal-9:
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u are slower version of Perverted

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this video stimulated my penis.


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good boy. superstar ea

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Kiddo Shortie is STILL the best ea on server get good okay?!??

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9.5/10 gameplay

5/10 music

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Good video my student+brother affs '-'

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King ea, king gameplay, the last song was simply godly ;)

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Good video, my + Unmatched student!
Good video my student+brother affs '-'
Thanks '-' but i'm better than both of you XDDDDDDDDDD

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Lol ok so some wannabe archer so called ''Kiddo'' is playing range class and hiding behind factor classes such as warrior barbarian, randomly pressing skills and claim himself to be God. lol ok that made me laugh

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*Mutes music* There we go.
Enjoyable video.