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TW Ducks VS Salvation. August 2, 2014.

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ɴιce vιd αɢαιɴ <З ғυɴ тw αɴd ɴιce worĸ :З

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Nice video ! Loves every song you had also , good job :)

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Good video, good fight!
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No doubt a great tw, good fight ducks <3.

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i give you 21/10 onli because you play and you record your self playing ep and playing in cleric or ep in tw mass pk in pain in the ass respect 4 you

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Great video, love watching TW from third person afterwards.

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Nice  :smiley: Looked like Lots of fun. Amazing video and soundtrack

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Nice video and liked music a lot. Can't wait till next tw.  ;)
  Ty Lonicera