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I am not good q.q

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I've rarely done air pk so it was pretty hard cause everyone attackin from different directions unlike water pk and was a bit confusing trying to find everyone >->

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  • Mentalista got rekt
  • Sin who floored Mentalista
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Nice video dw im the worst air pker on the earth Dx

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You must to adapt to survive  ;D
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Winnered team  :police:
Nice video, enjoyed watching

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Factor squad. :police: Nice video.

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  • Allahu Akbar
  • Sean was here.
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what happened? hangover left you hanging after you ditched them in pk 2 hours prior?

oh god this is so funny what happend alamat cyber cafe is off ? this ppl man oh my god fackien try hards

good video sid easy pk with same numbers and no extra guilds :)

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Music is nice - linkin park fits good, Gameplay - i think only your friends and faction mates would enjoy it. Start rebuffing blazzing arrow each time it runs out. Means either you dont see the difference or you dont watch your buffs.

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Factored video , without alliances  easy stuff.

P.S. : +1 For Linkin Park , you are winning kid
never replace your guild with randoms


Gameplay - i think only your friends and faction mates would enjoy it

You sir, are one to talk.  :normal-2:

Either way, good video Sid. Also a proof of how easy same numbers pk is. The music was amazing as well, I love linkin park <3

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Lol shotime what are you doing on my ea?