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Hello everyone,

  Well its been an honor playing and having fun with you guys for awhile, i am downloading a game called ElderScrollsOnline
i didnt play for awhile..my brother quit the game while ago so sort of got bored but yes im officially Quitting the game. I had no many friends yes, many ppl hated me yes but i never hated anyone ( only ping drop of server the 3k ms thing ), not many ppl have my personal skype, anyone free to delete me on their skype or ingame i really dont mind. I might get back to the game only if my brother back too.

 Thank you everyone  ^u^

for a 1 person* "Sorry doll, i always wanted to be the doll master"

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Aw it's always sad to see player go... Take care.

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 :'( take care  :'( :'( i will miss you, really.


Bye and have fun with your new game

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aww lewd...
well im sure you`ll have fun playing ElderScrolls
hope you´ll be doing okay and see you around when / if you get back :)
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Aw it's always sad to see player go... Take care.
its sad agatio less ppl less donates :/

and hf with ur new game C:


Bb. See you in a few weeks.

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 :sad: take care bro I already deleted u...
jk<3 best dd metal mage on server is gone

Always remember who won the last battle & made you disband

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bai but u still asked me for 1v1 you and we never did :>

Tc <3


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Have fun in other games,  hope to see you back soon ;)

GL bud
never replace your guild with randoms

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for a 1 person* "Sorry doll, i always wanted to be the doll master"


awawaw so sweet

so emotional

awawawaw :normal-48:

what would I do in pw if I could play games like that.


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Lews dont leave me here alone pls!! tale me with u brother, i will miss u
hope u will come back soon

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See ya and have fun on ESO.