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Epic PW TW - Ducks vs Salvation

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Enjoy peeps:

P.S: my voice is STILL NORMAL

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omg that drawing - pure epicness!
Avatar made by the lovely and talented CeladonGirl

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Rly nice TW :O so many ppl all quacking had fun nice vid keep up the good work

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nice TW.. ty ayoub for another awesome video..

thanks to all ducks friends for good team effort and salvation friends for giving a good challenge :)

and nice art work there @ intro ^^

happy gaming have a nice day friends :)

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happy gaming, have a nice time both in game and in real life :)

PS: Like Insanity's ornaments of magic dmg red/def lvls


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Nice gameplay and good job Kingy.  :normal-4:

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HEH, video removed because gay music. I liked the old one better, but still nice and good job  :pig-4:
And so castles made of sand fall in the sea, eventually...

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Nais nais nais nais nais.

♡ 18.03.2011 ♡

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Nice video i hate bms like you who are so tanky and just dont want to die:P

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ty ty peeps all gd if u enjoy it

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