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Hi everyone, this post is made in order to see which of the anime I'll list is on top 5 on EPW. This 'poll' will close in 20/7/14 and the results will be posted in a new post name 'TOP 5 ANIME'. So all you have to do is vote two of the animes I'll list down and on 20/7/14 I'll count ALL of your votes and make the new post with the results.

BEWARE: You can vote only 2 anime, if any of you doesn't know any of these anime, they should vote 2 random ones. If any comment includes more than 2 options, the commentators votes will be invalid and they won't count. If you have any problems about the competition you can just pm me here in my forum profile. Have fun, Kate <3 :-* :-* :-*
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I vote for Fairy Tail and Mirai Nikki :33
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Naruto and Death Note..Best Anime EVER !!!!

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Eh since Naruto still going with manga i'mma vote for it as first but shoulda included Bleach instead of the first option you mostly included top manga choices and popular animes that were good since Deathnote and Fairy Tail have no more episodes as for One piece no idea stopped watching just lost interest x.x

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Death note and naruto '-'
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mirai nikki and naruto :3 but attack on titan should be on there LOLOLOL


Attack on Titan and Log Horizon and SAO should all be up there..

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Naruto and Death Note  :rolleyes:

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Attack on Titan and Log Horizon and SAO should all be up there..
Yis it should be the new season of SAO S2 has been interesting so far and then Titan hasn't announced it still waiting on a date for that

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Death Note and Fairy Tail.  :sad:
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Fairy Tail
Tales from the Abyss
Kuroshitsuji (or smth... Black Butler >.> )
Sword Art Online

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1. Bakemonogatari series
2. Mirai Nikki
3. Stains;Gate
4. Death note
5. Hellsing Ultimate

Btw look here... old thread
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If these anime were chosen out of a random few for your personal experiment, disregard the following.

I don't even watch much anime anymore but this poll has no meaning at all. 4/5 anime you listed are extremely popular anime and are most likely your favorites. While most are entertaining Shonen, only 1 of them (Death Note) is noteworthy (no pun intended) of being in a Top Anime list.

You're missing a LOT of the much better choices that deserve to be on a Top Anime list such as Code Geass, Clannad S2, Gintama, Cowboy Bebop, Berserk, FMA Brotherhood, Steins Gate, Eden of the East, Suzumiya Haruhi (especially the movie), Gurren Lagann, etc etc etc etc.

Also, you allowing and considering the votes of people who voted without knowing the anime makes the poll completely illegitimate.

That being said, I was very bored and I vote for Death Note only. 
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1- Fairy Tail
2- Toradora
3- Kuroshitsuji
4- Kaichou wa maid-sama
5- Mirai Nikki

Its not really in order, but i just wanted to share the ones which i liked to watch.  :-[

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+1 archilles

but my vote goes for

1. saiunkoku monogatari
2. log horizon

special mention on my favorites
SAO, Attackon titan, hanasakeru seishōnen, history's strongest disciple kenichi, code geass, FMA, ouran highschool host club and so many short anime series way better than dragged long ones like one piece, fairy tail, inuyasha etc., most of their episodes are nice but some are too boring forced to watch just to have continuity in series.. the short anime series too has it but comparatively small so doesn't make it worse compared to longer anime series..

lastly english is not my first language and i'm not interested in perfecting it either..

thanks again for the thread though, nice to see such off topic fun thread often.. have a nice day :)
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