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The "Dead Zone" in Perfect World.


Sorry if it is a bit long.

Just to clarify: Miss__Psycho= My husband

Murcas= Me

Yes, we swapped genders, yes I'm female in real life, no my husband doesn't play EPW...yet. Tee-hee.

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O.o My God. She talked with the PW God.
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Creepy... Imagine all your hairs standing up right when he whispered 'when you purged that thing'

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  • lol u still alive?

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That was a creepy little tale  :shocked: and in the perfect setting, 'The Dead Zone'  >:D decribes that glitch perfectly. Should take to writing short stories more Murcas, you seem to have a flair for this type of tale 8) . Thank you and well done.
 ;D ;D
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Thank goodness I read this in broad daylight.

I do remember that glitch though.

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Why did I even bother reading that, what the fuck was I expecting anyways?

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[9:54:05 AM] ♥: Yes, my Dear One. Rub it, and rub it good.


Why did I even bother reading that, what the fuck was I expecting anyways?

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never replace your guild with randoms

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That was one if the most creepest stuff I've ever read about this game. I just....no comment. ???
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aw da bitch I'd bitchlasps him hate such bepopel what a deck..

psycho kinda sounded like my ex-grandma


it was creepy tho ???

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