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Pedro is always there

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pk video + dt   :pig-1: :pig-1:

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Creepy as fck, but i would AA faster if i'd see pedro's face everywhere .
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good vid noki lol, though pedro wasn't there on the first pk , he came after it ended :normal-37:

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never replace your guild with randoms

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Pedro is the most beautiful man of EPW, give him 100k EC

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Pedro is the most beautiful man of EPW, give him 100k EC
only got 99,999 sorry.

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lol nice title noki,good video.

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lol nice vid where pinoys allience in night lol kid lol

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Where was cynix during this pk? idk :c but Kaleloscope and I were to busy carrying team for victory, minus the bad sig I did hoping artifex not to see us (which worked). nice video Agent Nokito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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