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Salvation vs. The World

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Watched it al gj man loved the 2 song

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Nice video , just try speed it up a bit :p good pks too !!
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Great vid just needs a speed up would cut it in half probably

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ool one ;)
also your sig kitty is mad funny  >:D

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ool one ;)
also your sig kitty is mad funny  >:D

is me when gms do crazy spam drop event

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Good video.  I almost forgot how much pk we had yesterday lol.

And yeah i agree it needs just a bit of speed next time but still good :D

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I almost forgot how much pk we had yesterday lol.
Without me .... baddie  :tiger-7: good video tho needs a bit of speed up only ^^
Lucy my lovely wifu! <3

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This video is bested because I appear ;)

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Aw, shame that in the vs Worms part there were only like 3 good pkers :'( cool vid anyway
Best signature.

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Nice video , speed it up next time.  ^-^

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