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Rendering failed a bit , need to change properties since so many things to render but too lazy to do it again.

Hope its not that bad to watch


Nice Video Harp.
Enjoyed the music.

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nice video and factor archer

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Nice vid as always great survivability you dont even have to reroll to wr ;) :police:

Apart from the truth that you see ,Apart from the truth that you hear ,you read , you feel .
Beyond the truth of the perpetrator and the victim ,there is another truth.
When human transcends, and time and loses its meaning.
When it becomes a lifetime ,a thin red line where everything come together and end meets the beginning ...
This is the Red Circle

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  • How is life this easy?

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Nice video ,like the music, even tho the pks are all cuted by half , still enjoyable to watch.
never replace your guild with randoms

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Good music harp i love your videos  :tiger-40:

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Really liked the music, but my team still winnered. :normal-37:

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good video i like the music  :normal-3:

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9/10 for gameplay
9/10 for music