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Aether is rebuilding

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Aether™ is the faction to join! only three rules don't pk your allies or your faction and other rule is don't fight within the faction and the most important rule of Aether™ is HAVE FUN !!!.

Rebuilding this once great faction along side my wife ingame and soon irl Rosalita, we have helpful guides and faction events.

[move]whisper me ingame xLuciferx or Rosalita to join[/move]

all levels & classes welcome, we do BH NW TW DS PvP PK PvE FBQ etc etc.

a few rules, No fighting in faction, No pking other members, most of all?
Have FUN!

Sign up at http://aetherr.shivtr.com/

whisper me ingame or Rosalita to join :)

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Good luck with rebuilding o/  ;)

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Good luck with your guild

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hope u can make a big guild man

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Good luck rebuilding!  :smiley: