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Got Paid to put those songs i swear :normal-11:
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Long live t69.

Awesome video and fun pk.

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This is why you send us links of weird Japanese kid shows? ....

TY Salvation for 1v1, was real PK

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What is it with this song ...wtf Sab....
never replace your guild with randoms

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Nice video tho, but the music.................
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wtf is this music, u ok

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wth are those songs lol, nice vid.

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Seems fun pk. Wasn't there, but that "ally" pk made pk more equal i think, since XP had double numbers for 1 guild.
But if need to cry because of that, then merge sounds good, like XP did with few guilds lately  :police:

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I have diva 1st view on your paused video, ty idol i feel important now, i wish 1 day i'll be as good as arti :333333333333 xDDDDDD <333333  :monkey-1: :monkey-1: :monkey-1: :monkey-1: :monkey-1:

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was liek first song kinda catchy second song wdf lol, nice vid was lazy to go full screen didn't record that x.x

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Artifex win pk factor guild factor Sabito Factor Skype Pic

GF Team69 Xpendable and those who merges also to xpendable :)

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OMG that music.............