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I'm pretty bored of PW. I don't find this game very much fun anymore after playing for ~5 yrs. I've done everything from 1v1 to 100v100 and I don't think there's anything left to do that I can still enjoy. Unless there's some amazing new set of instances and a new set of gear released I don't think anything is going to keep me interested.

I'd like to say thanks everyone for making this game fun! Even after the countless trash talk threads, pictures, videos and hours of spamming common, party, faction, world and private chats this is still my favorite game. I've loved every minute of PvE and PvP and even PvUI waiting for my characters to be unbanned or unmuted.

I know I've insulted and trash talked more than 99.9% of you but I really didn't take any of your hate personally, it's just part of the competitive aspect of the game for me. In the end it's all for fun and that's pretty much what I enjoyed most - the competition ranging from trash talk to actual PvP.

So, bb! Take care everyone.

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Aweeeeeeeeeeeee noo =(
You made me come here and now you're gonna leave me alone with a guild that goes LEOLEOELEOELEOELELELELELE??!?!?!?
So rude, but it's okay! I hope you do come back eventually & i'll continue doing BH on your wizard or something if you want
<3 take care with your life Scott

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BB.  :normal-36:

You'll come back tho.

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Many people leaving game lately.  :normal-9: :normal-13:

Farewell and good luck!

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You misspelled topic name. Bye tho  :sad:

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Bb   :normal-36:

bb idiot gl

AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH virgin forum title+signature

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Lolol. I still will ask for "you know who" jokes. Anyway, good luck with whatever you will do.

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Aw Scott was nice to play with you in some servers , gonna miss your gameplay videos as mage what ever , take care in your life enjoy it , hugs :D  :smiley:

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