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bye everyone :)

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just wanted to tell everyone goodbye, i stopped playing about a week ago and unfortunetly wont be coming back due to real life. I really enjoyed my time on epic its my favorite p. server out of all that ive played, i just wanted to thank the staff and players for making my time here enjoyable, also wanted to give a special thanks to Artifex and most of all to pedro, you will be missed friend. Goodbye everyone and remember you can only escape reality for so long, dont waste your time or time will waste you. ~Cruciatus, Heylel, Merlyn, PuzzY and many more.

If anyone wants to keep in contact feel free to add me on facebook at www.facebook.com/ryansmith027
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Take care & good luck


♥ Love and will miss you guys ♥
Resigned to start playing real life c:

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Take care man and goodluck

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Take Care Man,
Sorry if i have hurted u in game x.x
Hope u ll back to epic some day

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Take care man, enjoy logging in real life hehehe. Jk, was nice 2play with u.
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See ya, good luck. I've heard it's tough to tank the Outernet. Bosses too stronk.

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not for me i have strong fists +12 lol

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Best Wishes to you  =^.^=
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Goodbye and take care!

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Goodbye and take care.

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takecare and enjoy ur life...  will miss you  :sad:

Play the game as just the ******* game ;)