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some non factor pk

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non factor gameplay from non factor ep in non factor guild


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Awsome video like allways Brade...and omg i still can't stop laughing at the beggining / end LOOOOOL
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Strong EP.  Was good fight.  I like that oldschool UI.  I was tempted to upload that one tonight but I am slacker aw :/

Good video.

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awesome video from a factored player noone factor guild :)
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i cry every time that i want to play ep cuz when i see brade videos i fell like trash

exelent video , exelent player  awesome video Venarated Braedito papi loco

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Awesome Video, nice gameplay. Creepy intro... oh wait.. i think i know that ini..  :normal-37:

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Very nice non factor vid with non factor gameplay and non factor music.  :normal-42:

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I don't like this video because I don't like you, Venerated !!
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Tracklist for those that want it (Start to finish)

A$AP Ferg - Shabba (Sikdope Remix)
Sam Laxton - Shaker
Ookay - Starting Over (Lookas & Enzo Picardi Festival Trap Remix)
Speaker of the House - Gypsy
Lady Bee - Drop It Down Like