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Epic PW TW - Ducks vs Salvation

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pιɴĸ ғlυғғy υɴιcorɴѕ dαɴcιɴɢ oɴ rαιɴвowѕ!!!!!! мoѕт epιc мυѕιc ever xDDDDD!!!!
αweѕoмe αѕ αlwαyѕ ;З ɴιce тw

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I loved loved loved this video! Such a cute intro! Goodjob  :police:

☆ 🐶 Sunshine 🐶 ☆

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Waaaaaa nice dance u fluffyy unicorns xD
Its funny when angeilo says " wtf im late " haha
King and food u two fat noobs  :))
Loool master hazel  :D

Oh and gj with tw welp

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We couldve done flash mob with EVERYONE

GG nice vid, good tw

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How cute :smiley:  I miss you guys...i'll be back in game in a few weeks :sad: im still grounded

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How cute :smiley:  I miss you guys...i'll be back in game in a few weeks :sad: im still grounded

αwww <З нope yoυ cαɴ coмe вĸ ѕooɴ >-< *ɴoмz

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PINK fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows and u wear red...  :tiger-12: :tiger-11:
Very nice vid though! :tiger-2:
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Nice video  :-[

Good fight  :normal-4:
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And, nice TW and video!
♡ 18.03.2011 ♡

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Was fun TW, if only could have got 16 more to make it even battle. :c

Look forward to future battles, and hopefully a different outcome!  >:D