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un able to proceed update

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hello GM and friends, i recently downloaded epw on my laptop and when i open it says Client running and unable to proceed update ive tried almost most of the things and it doesnt work.. what should i do? can u please help me? ty :smiley: :smiley: :D ^-^ :sad:

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hit control alt delete and open task manager and see if under process tab if element.exe is running if so end process. if that doesnt work i would advise setting your laptop on fire :D GL


Hit ctrl-shift-esc. Go over to the Processes tab and click Show processes from all users. (If prompted for an administrator password, enter it now.)

If ANY elementclient.exe processes are running, right-click each and click on end process.

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it is starting to open. but when the screen comes it shows servers RED.. and these --- on every ping and population. :( what now ? can u please help me how to do this or start the Epw..?

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Sir/Madam ive tried everything that is told in issues but the thing is the servers Show but it doent show the ping n the population.. what else should i do? can u tell me a better way to download the client server so that i can play? please? :) ty