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.ღ♥ஐ Vanille's Signature Workshop ஐ♥ღ. [Open]

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Newest In Game Signature:

Hey guys, RL been very busy, but I'm back after a long break.
Winter is coming and I got a little more time again.

Price for a signature: 2.000 EC
(No extra charge for solo/couple signatures, pets, mounts or other things)

The List:
2.) Shazadi
3.) Radiate
4.) VIP
5.) Ely
6.) Eradication
7.) Frost
8.) Wonderwoman
9.) Harmsangel
10.) SinDefiler
11.) Evie
12.) GodezzOfWar
13.) Profanity
14.) Kelleia
15.) SinRogue [not paid yet]

List status: open.

Guys, Listen up I get lazy sometimes and don't look at the thread - so please if you are on, or see me on please msg me.
Its hard for me to plan the signatures because I like to do them when I feel creative. So if you see me shout on world chat - msg me and If I am free we can do your signature, no matter what spot on the list you have!

How does it work?

Think about a color theme u want for ur sig (red, blue, white, orange etc.) and get fashion/flight/mount/fash weap according to that colour.
(e.g. my own signature)
Your character/fashion must not be bugged/black ini - I will take a look at it before we start
Taking the Screenshots will take 20 mins, and i will take them myself.
If you want something specific, we will talk before we start the SS.

If you are interested in getting one, please reply to my thread.

My name in game is "Vanille" - with two capital "i"'s instead of the L, because the other name was sadly taken.
I'm in Artifex, contact me per Mail/PM or here if you need anything or have any questions.

IMPORTANT: As you reply, please state your In Game Name('s) or how I can reach you(Skype?) and your timezone. (I'm GMT+1)

Samples of mine:
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Character Name : XiaN / UMAD
Gmt : +5.30
m currently in t69 Faction if it will help u to contact me or search me in game.

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glad to see a signature thread :normal-2: there aren't any I think. Sure people do it, but with pms I guess.

Don't get me wrong but your signature price is too high

700 ec ? :normal-2:

Don't get upset but I've seen people doing much better signatures for free. I'm not asking you to do the same, but 700 ec for a signature is a little bit, stupid :normal-1:

Not being rude, but people with actual EC don`t even think 700ec is too much, hell even 2k EC for this sig is completely worth it, and lastly can you show me on this forums who makes decent enough SIG`s like this :) btw ill register make me one please.

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Would be great if u could make me one.
Currently Inactive ★

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Please be so kind as to only post here, if you are interested in my work.
I would prefer for people who actually want a signature not having to go through pages of other comments :3

Thanks, I appreciate it. ♥
Me signing up xd gmt +1

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make me one too.
IGN: RieI  :smiley:

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@dad, the prices are ok, because most of us can afford paying...if u can't afford or don't want one, u are not forced to say anything
Goodjob Vanille, really nice sig's
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700ec is dirt cheap.. that's like <$2.5 in donation terms. i'd gladly pay that for one of these so put me on the list please

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There are really pretty.

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There are really pretty.

Aw, thanks :3
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I will wait you finish those which you are supposed to be working on, then i might ask for one.

Really good job.  :normal-36: :normal-42:
I will be finding truth beneath your lies.

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Thanks alot guys :3

@ Anami
I will update my first post once I'm done with the ones currently on the list^^
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