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PK From A EPs Point Of View (DT Event+PK)

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Hello! In this video you'll see first the DT event (which i've never been to before)
I was expecting mass pk but got nothing, so I just recorded to show how cool it looked underwater.

The second part was when we pk'd, this is from my point of view, I sometimes fly into stuff because I'm still not used to the flight speed (pwi baddie) so bear with me! I also don't have a good editing software so i'm using windows movie maker.

Please don't start any flame wars of any kind, I just wanted to share my video.
Thank you!
-Please watch in HD-
The video is sped up 1.25x

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More videoes with KPOPPPPPPP. Fake azn team winnered.  :police:

Very nice video, fren. ^^

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good video , music to girly thehe
anyway nice


not my type of music but that's okay cuz nobody likes that haha. best ep gameplay video ever n1

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bad ea, bad squad leader, bad squad,terrible person, good pk.

just kidding love you babe.

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nice video, lol music
 Can't wait 'til you're fully geared  :police:

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Apollumi#1 champions 6-0 TW 23 weeks record winning DT (7 minutes fastest in the history of epw)

when you and 3 other guilds losing to apollumi and need to find an escape

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accc nice vid, music very cute!

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Awesome video factored gameplay.

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May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't

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Thank you so much everyone~!

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 :normal-31: That music.

Ty for pk.
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Nice video, 0 death squad you guys are good   :sad: :-[

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good video + good ep  :police:

I was also in 0 death squad except for Insanity dying 4 times but it's only Insanity, doesn't count cos he dies 24/7 anyway ((: