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Hey all. I been making perfect world movies for a long time. I always had a passion for parody versions of perfect world, cuz of Grimmo, and KRSMW. I finally have time and will be my summer project. Ill upload here. Also, can go to my channel, youtube.com/rancoroustwo. Hit Like, Subscribe. Don't beat me up to bad. My first time using sony vegas, but learning everyday. Next video will be better I hope xD


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You'll improve in time.
This gets me pretty confused.
But still you will improve in time.


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Made me lol a bit..  Good work. Keep it up.

I got a few clip like that saved aswell, that i wanted to make an epw parody of. Just never got around to it, too many projects in mind D:

^One of my ladies ;)
~EPW life is officially over, getting married in RL soon ! thank you for some great memories friends~

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LOL good work, made me chuckle couple times...
Hit me up ingame, if you need "actors" for future parts.

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OMG that bunny was hilarious! MY KNEEE  :tiger-2:

Good job ^_^

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Lol good job i guess

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nice video lol

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this is as good as grimmo

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Lmao! Stocks goin down

No one wants to join Angeldawn LOL


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give this guy 187 k ec he is a factor

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