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Winnered Team Again

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some mw2 tdm quickscopes on map: Rust

20,000 likes for trickshot tutorial

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Tyrants holds the 2016 Perfect World Record of the fastest 80v80 TW Win - 8 Minutes - Opponent Apollumi
Helping Xpendable/Apollumi Come up with/Copy forum Signatures/Ui since 1337

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god ep, winning team, awesome vid  ;)

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King EP!! Good video ,Pk was fun :)
never replace your guild with randoms

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Hi GAYCATS Guild Master, invite me pls?

Old memories aside, killer video, Grandmaster ChicaBomb.

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#1  :tiger-43:

Well done, Skrillex's winner team.

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good video o: nice to see a ep play


aw give free leagued skin if subscribeded?  :normal-9:

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We wonnering!! Good job.

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Behold the great and fair officers of tyrants
5-0 confirmed, Apollumi the greatest guild made world record destroyed Tyrants in 8 mins in TW

Apollumi only EU guild to ever destroy Conflate, most individualy skilled guild 1 apollumi god can destroy 2-3 Conflate/Tyrants/Any other guild noobs with ease. Kings of DT and Mass PK.

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OP ep, video and music.  :normal-42:

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Enjoyed watching this
Godo music, op ep

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Nice vid ChicaBomb.. Just pk.. just the way i like it xD
GM alt Desist/iBan/_Night
I guess everyone was on my profile :$