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what is number what is MNE just enjoy for fun


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i'm noob. u are good
i'm unknown. u are named.
i'm not op. u are op

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King MG/EA, king video.  :normal-42:

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great mathematicians, I am sure you scored A   :normal-42:  
Good vid tho

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great mathematicians, I am sure you scored A   :normal-42: 
Good vid tho

First vid wasnt 35v70, but around 40ish v 60. Second one was around same numbers, we had a lil bit less than 50, make it 48, but ye, around that.

Good vid tho, cudnt attend to dt  :normal-12:
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  • great one
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One philosophy to live by : MNE. Great vid

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Good videos, were both fun pks.


Nice vid.

we were totally not being fucked by T69 too tho :(((


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Well done, good music+Video