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Happy Sweet sixteen Kermo!

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Everyone wish him! Its legit his b'day today hehe :-[
Sorry for trick during April 1st all
Boy just turn 16  :shocked:

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Happy b-day

I wish you a bigger dick and happiness

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Happy b-day Kermit c:

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Is it really his birthday now?

Happy birthday Kermo.  :normal-48:

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waw ty idols

noob cringo, now everyone belive that i'm 16  O:-) O:-) O:-)
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Happy Bday Kermo !@!?@!@!@!@!@@@@@!!!!
hell yea

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Have a bad sweet sixteen party  :normal-33: :normal-33:

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that unicorn is so majestic.....and happy birthday

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Have a bad sweet sixteen party  :normal-33: :normal-33:

Where the fawq you find this?  :-X

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never replace your guild with randoms

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Happy Birthday Kermo.
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Happy Birthday Kermo.  :normal-8: