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Xpendable vs Artifex PK 19/4/2014-Animassacre

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ok here is the new video with new music, its a bit ugly track but nothing to do with the copyrights.....
Lelo was long+good pk- gf and Enjoy
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Sad I missed this. Nice video.  :smiley:
bad ea, bad squad leader, bad squad,terrible person, good pk.

just kidding love you babe.

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Awesome video + squad  :-[

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Done, New video with new music is on
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That was some good pk.

Nice video.  :normal-42:

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13:40 see the army we're holding


nice vid kiddo, was fun pk, can we pk in a different place next time, crom = ugly. leggo air pk swamp : )

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Music wasn't all bad + nice vid bro

 :police: easy

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low gfx video looks ugly like your mother pk was way too easy all in all bad.

EDIT: Please keep other players mother and any other relatives away from the ingame problems. Thanks.
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I'm assuming was perfectly even numbers this time right?  :normal-3:

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I'm assuming was perfectly even numbers this time right?  :normal-3:
not "perfectly" in terms of numbers, no. before people started leaving(around the 45min point), i counted 54 artifex and 43 xpendables

at some point, someone claimed there was 65 artifex and 46 xpendables, so it's possible some were respawning during the time i was counting