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Genie Bug

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Hi. I have Genie 146 Lvl 103/146 points but i try lvl up to 150 and genie dont lvl up and i have spirit. Whats Happened?


Offline Meese

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You will have to hold the infuse button until the exp is full and then click confirm to level it up. Genies do this past a certain level, you should only have to do it once or twice and then be able to level it normally again.

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Also if the genie is trade ready, you'll have to switch it to non-trade
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I hade same thing when had genie lvl 149, tried infuse and helped.

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u need use the infuse button and then when u have 1 point there u press confirm and done it's lvled

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better get LP 120 Genie from other players, thn u save ur sprite  :normal-1: