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no kick for player whit 5k merit in faction

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I have a little problem with faction. when I want to kick someone having 5000 of merit have to wait 3 days. that's good in some sense but also bad, I would say that time down to a couple of hours, pjs no longer  play accumulate and can not make room for new ones.

ty   ;)

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Think that was already suggested during beta tests and couldn't be changed.

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yes but when you kick him with 5k merit those 3 days he cant speak in gc or see gc so like hes not in

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Merit has an impact on your status within a faction now? Interesting.
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Merit has an impact on your status within a faction now? Interesting.
It's actually pretty good. Maybe it would encourage people to do bq. Trials now require 3k merit to enter as well. Also, the player who has the red name, can't see guild chat or speak in guild chat. So, maybe he'll leave on his own. Bad for kicking old players who have quit, but still not a bad feature.

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Merit has an impact on your status within a faction now? Interesting.

It does for most factions?

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I try to kick king_saw, it makes me wait a year for it  :'(
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Maxy, no-one does Trials anymore. They need a reward boost. They're dead.

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I love joining fac

collecting lots of merit

and going inactive :tiger-2:

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