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New patch v84 has been released. It focuses mainly on bug fixes reported since last update and on slight improvements.

Full patch notes can be found here

Manual patch

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Full patch notes:

* Fixed issue with Unique (level) Chests not giving items after reaching Arcane Sky
* Morai weekly PvP event will be now correctly counting kills on characters Lv. 135-150
* Nation Wars reward pool increased from 120k to 140k Supply Tokens
* Due to increased difficulty of Warsong and its last boss, The Incacerate will drop now 8 Warsong Waistband Inscription instead of 6
* Changed / increased drop rate of weekly World Boss in Primal World (cords: 326, 511 Spawns Sunday 2 pm server time - http://www.pwdatabase.com/pwi/mob/42749)
* Respawn of World and Mini bosses required for Title quests reduced to 10 minutes
* Fairy Boxes now will correctly give rewards
* Dragon Jade Stones can be account stashed from now
* Provision Convoy from Escort Caravan daily will now spawn correctly
* Elemental Essential from Morai Crazy Stone is now useable again
* Reputation Jade Stone from Morai now gives 1000 Reputation instead of 80
* Now it's possible to Exchange Supreme Badges back into Gold Lunar Medals (quest Badge Exchange at Celestial Messenger)
* Reward from weekly Abaddon and Seat of Torment quest can be exchanged into Ancient Emblems at Celestial Messenger
* Hidden Dragon Den is now available from Level 140 (Quest in instance for Dragon Bloods available from level 148+)
* Fire Legion Quest issue fixed
* Lochmur Treasure V & IX quests are now daily as they were supposed to be
* 10 Event Gold added back to Boutique
* Blackglass Lemur should no longer shout so much
* Problem with Frozen River and Angler's Village Title quests not poping-up for some players should be fixed
* Cerberean Sentinel item required for Title quest in Origination has been added to God's Giving NPC
* Unique titles for each race re-coloured
* Caster's Nirvana will require only 2 players in squad instead of 6
* Rebirth quest gives now Tome Fragment to leader again just like squad members instead of Chest of Coins
* Other minor fixes
* Updated Faction Icons

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Nice. Thank you very much.

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Was the buggy Toad boss fix included as well?

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How long will the maintenance last?

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sounds like useful stuff thx mr aga :3

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Great job fixing these so fast. Spank you very much sir.

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thnks sir aga ope its help on us O:-)

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Fashion and other cosmetic stuff will come in the patch after.
Regarding the Toad boss, he needs proper testing and I will need a bit more time to apply the fix.

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no new fashion :(

I know :(

But it'll be in the next patch, so it's all good xD

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