Epic Perfect World

Downloading this game again takeing for ever!!!!!!

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Hello:):) Im ryryan XxNightShadexX if anyone knows me message me.. This game is amazing but takeing forever!! D:<

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same with I but well worth it, I just love this game!

all levels & classes welcome, we do BH NW TW DS PvP PK PvE FBQ etc etc.

a few rules, No fighting in faction, No pking other members, most of all?
Have FUN!

Sign up at http://aetherr.shivtr.com/

whisper me ingame or Rosalita to join :)

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I'd suggest downloading through torrent, but even then it takes a while. >:

Just be patient, it'll be done eventually. :P
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Download via torrent and take a nice nap. :3
Cya on server

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Took me about 4 hours to download the game. Was totally worth it.
I downloaded via the client. Torrent is faster, but I was lazy.

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Yea ATM I'm at like 98.5%.... Lets goo haha utorrnt is amazing cant wait to play agin!!!

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Hope 2 see u back in game soon

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Yea haha me to right now I'm extracting the files and it says its going to take an hour but I doubt that because its going pretty fast for 8gb to go through