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GoF Stone Stacks

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Hello everyone. I'm a BM with some Dual Axes that have GoF and I want to put some stones in them. What are the best stones that are cheap for my 140 gear and stack with my GoF?



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Some use str stones while others use drakeflame. I don't know which one is better though

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I use 2x +300 acc they are cheap and usefull and for the other stone's that have some kind of effect they wont stack with gof but u can as well use them on claw/fist  :P

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Drakeflame and Strenght ones are best options.

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Crit shards to hierobug like Master Holy Jolhans
watch for info:

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Some use str stones while others use drakeflame. I don't know which one is better though

Stones adding strength will add to your physical defense and physical attack. Drakeflame stones only add to your physical attack.
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Online Chronicle

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Use magic stone or chn once....lelo!!

Channel BM = instant stun lock >.>

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AS no class on epic is instant cast, BM cant get instant cast but slightly shorter cast time yes and stun lock is timing not ability to cast stun skill quicker, gives an advantage vs another bm Is all I think but happy to be wrong.

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Drakes are more damage.  Especially since you won't want to use god stones for 20 str stones on a 140 axe.  Go with the drakes.

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if you want stunlock...and if its only for stuns( the axes) i suggest you use chant stones for fast stuns, if not thn drake
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You cannot 'stack' GoF with another effect as they cancel each other out. For example, you cannot have a GoF dual axe and add that stone which has a chance to add 'quicken' to your attack. They simply cancel each other out. However you can add stones that add any Statistic like STR or DEX etc. Also you can add accuracy as someone mentioned (and as a bonus you actually get more than the stones say because its a % based, not value based increase) also you can add elemental damage stones too which are good for killing barbs. I guess it depends on what role you take in PK :3

EDIT: Not cancel out, just the added stone will not take effect
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