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today is his bday, so wish him all :-[
also bout this whole xp n arti nonsense, eat shit all  :-[ :-[

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Happy birthday ex-husband.  :normal-8:

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Happy Birthday, Kermo. Any trade spam?  :normal-2: :normal-48:

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happy birthday dude enjoy ur day  :normal-1:

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^One of my ladies ;)
~EPW life is officially over, getting married in RL soon ! thank you for some great memories friends~

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  • Check my author facebook page.
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Happy Birthday !! have a blast today !!
"Ass so fine it changes a brutha's life. Foreva. ~ Sparky Sweets Thug Notes~

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April Fool's all  :-[ ,not his bday

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I swear like 10 Artifex have had birthdays this week. Much weird.