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Xpendable vs Artifex TW 17/3/2K14 - SHINIGAMI


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Here's the TW from a cata barb's perspective. like, share, subscribe for more :) 

As always, hit the 1080p button if you can ;)

If there's any music track you guys would like me to mix in with any future pvp videos, feel free to pm me your suggestions :) Thanks, and Enjoy frens.

^One of my ladies ;)
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Good fight.  :normal-4: Nice vid Labibs.
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best game to ever exist

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nice video , nice PK
unfortunately , i cant join TW , because instance full

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don't talk to me clown
any clown dare tw us?

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nice video, cute panda.
[8/22/13 12:56:05 PM] Fab: come, i headhunt your pants
[8/22/13 12:56:38 PM] Bre :3: You're so cute I shadow walk before coming near you.
[8/22/13 12:56:59 PM] Scott: You make me fully charge my take aim.
[8/22/13 12:57:46 PM] Hong: You're so hot even soul of fire cant stop you
[8/22/13 12:57:46 PM] Scott: You make my domain absolute.
[8/22/13 12:58:18 PM] Bre :3: Your beauty stuns me through belief.
[8/22/13 1:00:04 PM] Scott: Keep this up and i'll release my deadly shot.

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yeah yeah yeah..lub panda

Panda, and I like your skill bar aw

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awesome video as always shinigami  ;D

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Good TW, nice vid. Labib ( you are a kafir stil  ^-^ )