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Epic Perfect World Artifex vs Xpendables 14/3/2014

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Hate comments on youtube.


god vid , good music , Good fight  :normal-1: :normal-42:

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Nice video Bill, ty for PK.

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Bill you are obviously a ..
You are not white lol

PS: as you can see, LumpyNutz = pt leader
target him

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18:37 i see myself swimming under the bridge :3
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Love the music selections again Bill  :-[ :police:
noob kermo not in this :))

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Yes, i miss most of pks, because i no have time and moral to stay in game and ask "any pk" 721 times on world chat :(

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That PK was really fun , had fun !!
Good vid like allways Bill !  :smiley:
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  • How is life this easy?
and ask "any pk" 721 times on world chat :(

you will get perma muted if you ask that in wc lol

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hell yea