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barb skill is bugged

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hi i have a problem with my Flesh Ream skill, i have got demon True Form and it wont let me upgrade Flesh Ream to lvl 10 its stuck at lvl 6 , and in my skill list it shows True Form lvl 1 ? that shouldn't show as i already maxed True Form and learnt the Demon True Form , help anyone ?

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Make sure you have enough coin & spirit to level up skills.

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i have plenty of coin and spirit , it just doesn't let me upgrade it

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Post here. Your skills are prolly bugged. Aga can check and fix for you.

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try relogging entier client.
it happend to me once
GG                                  (Barbarian - 150) KillaBee - R8 - Demon {OP DPH}
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                                       (Barbarian - 150) Geodeus - R8 - Sage {OP GANK TANK}


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Yea my Fox Wallop is glitched too...  Stuck on lvl 3 xD