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Whats up with all dis lag?

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idk why but literally all day ive had 1-2k lag whenever i enter combat...Is this like just a retarded problem with my connection and location in relation 2 the server host, or something else. (Note not me cuz im no only one, and my internet connection/speed is working completely fine with everything else :3)
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Mine's been relatively normal, however I have had some spikes recently.

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O.o I havent had any lag problems until now 0.o
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Yeah right as x2 started I have had issues with the lag..


I, too, had erratic spikes throughout the day and a few times where  EPW just went poof, it wasn't even on my bar, this happened two times, about 10 minutes between the two incidents. At any rate, I'm sure it will get fixed and then you can go back to slaughtering with great gusto!

Offline Rin

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Same, 2k ping in combat with 17k spikes
Thought it was my own net at first, but no
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Online Seby

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I have good internet but still getting 400-700ms as average in combat..so ye,it's laggy. But there are times when i have 200ms,but my fps it's always under 15 cause baddie processor.
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Idk if it's only in combat, but that's the only moment I notice it :normal-13:
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Offline Shay

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I have lag spikes randomly, and epw just closes at least once a day...
Has nothing to do with 2x, happens when it's not on, so let's not blame that. :P


Haven't had lag spikes at all.

Network crashes aren't counted at all. o:
Not in combat nor outside. Hmm.

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Well on the original PWI, and my old internet connection from years and years back, I had a regular 7k ping, and at times, up to 20k or 30k ping. On this server though, it SAYS that the ping is average about 700 but it feels like I'm on 25k ping...

Offline Ace

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Had a couple spikes now and then. Nothing major, when the new patch is released it'll probably stop.