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New Flyers?

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Hey guys. I was looking at some of the flyers on different perfect world games- and some of them are really pretty. I've noticed we don't really have any flyers from other games.. Can you even do that for flyers? There's plenty of mounts from other games, yet no aerocraft.
I was mainly thinking of jade dynasty flyers.

To name a few...

Would this even be possible?

(Also, I wouldn't mind seeing some other mounts from JD on epicpw. Some of them are really cute..)

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I can't say anything about the flyers but I know that the mounts can be brought over since i've seen the frostwolf mount around.

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I know for a fact Agatio has to have the files it just whether or not we deserve them is up to him. i only know this cause i have the files myself and if i do he should.
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of all mounts u listed i think only bunny isn't on pwi rest u can find. Ninetail, Krin and one picture i think i didnt saw because it shows as broken image..
Anyways, orange bird u listed in flyers is actually a mount

nice dragons tho :>

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I think JD mounts are possible to add.. I remember using them on PWV 1.3.x, dunno on new one cause I didn't play it.

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GN, bad kids spoiling patch notes again  :sad:

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It's not the same ninetail, this one seems to love jewels lol.
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that white wolf coat in third picture :normal-12:

want it.

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that white wolf coat in third picture :normal-12:

want it.
Oh shit I just noticed..that godly headgear omfg

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