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I'll be semi-AFK for a little over a week. I need to get some things organized and study for upcoming exams/midterms. I will continue to host my PvP events, but they will not be on their usual and precise schedules. If you're a regular participant, keep an eye on Red/Broadcast Chat. These events will be closer, or after, server reset. I'll only be logging for these events, then logging back off. I'll be on Skype if you need me for anything else. :)

Thank you for your support.

Sleep, EPW GM.

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good luck hun with midterms/exams :)
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Good luck.  I'll try not to blow up another computer while you're gone :3

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I'll miss you booboo, even though because of our time difference i hardly see you already, i'll miss you.
I will cri all dis wek, wiff such sad tiers.

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Good luck on your exams, yo!

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Goodluck with your studying! I know the feeling, university exams happening currently and I havent seen the light of PW in a while. Soon enough though, Christmas break and then you can party hard.

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Goodluck, hope you do great.  :normal-23:

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good luck sleep and wish you all the best

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Stay Classy.
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goodluck! mine are soon aswell :c

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Goodluck on those midterms. :'( :'(
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this is so hard to say but...
good luck -.-

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