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Happy Buuuuurrday EvilTouch and Echo

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Wish you both all the best,Enjoy the day guys and have a blast!!Happieh B'day......

This is for that "Torture."

[6:23:02 PM] Jem: Bans and mutes aren't meant to be equally shared,
they are given to those who deserve them.
If you are receiving more bans than someone else,
maybe you are the problem, not us.

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 :)) :tiger-15:  happy Birthday  :))

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Happy happy happy birthday!
[9:54:05 AM] ♥: Yes, my Dear One. Rub it, and rub it good.

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Happy Birhtday for you two!  ;D have a nice life!

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[move]HAPPY BIRTHDAY[/move]
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[shadow=red,left]HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU #1 GM and Echo :D[/shadow][/font][/size][/color]

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Happy birthday both of you.

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hpppy b-day to u both =D gimmie some cakez

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hope you both have tons of fun on your birthdays :D
"Ass so fine it changes a brutha's life. Foreva. ~ Sparky Sweets Thug Notes~

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Happy Birthday Echo and ET :)
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Happy Bday ET & Echo  :monkey-50: