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Today at 01:22:28 am by Suns | Views: 51 | Comments: 0

Mr & Miss EpicPW is back for the month of December!
There have been some player-requested changes to the event, so check them out!
Also, players are now able to win Points in the event!

Deadline: Tuesday December 8th at 11:59PM servertime.
Status: Open!
Nov 13, 2015, 10:58:07 am by Agatio | Views: 2165 | Comments: 61

Epic Perfect World is online now for 4 years. We'd like to thank everyone for being here with us, it's a great pleasure to work for you all!
Due to this special occasion, we have activated 2x event on drops and experience that will last till Monday evening!

We have also started 2 new forum events, please check them out!
> Screenshot Event
> Drawing Event

Oct 30, 2015, 02:38:51 pm by Agatio | Views: 7661 | Comments: 161

Halloween patch has arrived to Epic Perfect World. Due to this occasion we will be activating zombie events on the streets of following towns: Walled Stronghold, Tusk Town, Plume City, City of Lost, Etherblade, Archosaur.

This patch also brings new Nation Wars map which hopefully will make things more enjoyable and balanced.

> Full patch notes
> Manual patch

We have also opened a drawing contest. click here for the link of all the information about it.
Sept 05, 2015, 08:44:39 am by Agatio | Views: 13143 | Comments: 220

This patch brings a lot of new fashion, flights and mounts and some game improvements!

> Patch notes
> Manual patch
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